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Do you have crooked teeth? Orthodontic treatment is the most sought after cosmetic treatment amongst adults. The results are very rewarding. We offer fixed and removable orthodontic solutions. A consultation is necessary to see which would suit you best.

Fixed appliances are like the traditional metal braces or "train tracks". We use tooth coloured'ceramic' brackets and white coated wire for a more discreet appearance.

The brackets are professionally bonded or glued onto your teeth. Each bracket has a horizontal slot in the centre to allow the wire to fit into it. We then secure the wire in place with specialised clear elastics. The wire helps move the body of your tooth or teeth to improve their position and straighten them. We review you every 4 weeks to monitor progress. The treatment typically takes 6 months, sometimes this can vary.

Removable appliances are like clear retainers. Each appliance is created to help progressively move your tooth/teeth into position. Sometimes we place a little composite anchor on a tooth or teeth to create more movement. You wear the appliance for a minimum of 14 hours a day. the more you wear it the greater the movement. Treatment takes typically 4 - 6 months depending on the amount of movement required to straighten your teeth.

Consultations are very important to take photographs, Xrays, study models and measurements. All this information is important to assess in order to choose the correct system for you. It's also time where you can ask questions and discuss your treatment options and potential outcomes.

Retention, when your course of treatment comes to an end we will provide you with fixed and removable retainers to help avoid tooth movement. Teeth will always move as they are not fixed to your bone they are held in the bone by periodontal ligaments, fine fibrous tissue that acts as a shock absorber and retains your teeth in position.

Maintenance, we will arrange regular reviews at 6 months to ensure stability of your teeth and help you maintain good oral hygiene, especially if you have a fixed retainer behind your teeth.

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