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Aisling Lalor

DMK - paramedical skin treatment

DMK is an extraordinary paramedical skin revision range that helps restore problematic skin by stimulating our own bodies enzyme reactions to restore optimal skin function.

A simple philosophy: Remove, Rebuild, Maintain, Protect

Suitable for all skin types and dysfunctional skins with pigmentation, rosacea, open pores, acne, scarring, wrinkles and much more. Due to it's botanical and natural enzyme elements, it can be used on children as young as 12 years old to treat acne and hence prevent scarring.

Remove: A choice of exfoliating peels to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Type of peel will be chosen depending on your skin's needs.

Rebuild: Enzymes are nature's own biological catalysts, which hydrolyse (destroy) dead skin cells. The enzyme treatment is the most effective way of removing impurities in the skin and encouraging an increase in oxygen and nutrient uptake.

Maintain: DMK have specialised products which are used to support the rebuilding process. A personalised home care programme will be developed depending on your skin's needs.

Protect: This is incredibly important to maintain optimal skin health & function. A careful balance of oil & water to nourish, nutrients to feed your skin and SPF sun care to protect your skin from damaging environmental factors like the sun & air pollution.

" After negative experiences with other prescriptive skincare I'm thrilled to have found something that actually works. I really feel like for the first time in years I can get my skin under control"

Rachel , Oct 2019

Obagi Medical

Obagi is a gold standard medical grade skin transformation range that can achieve exceptional results.

It is a medical grade skin transformational system with active products that deliver outstanding results. High quality Vitamin C and Vitamin A products including prescription strength Vitamin A creams to promote healing, hydration and above all change for the better as far as your skin is concerned.

A skin consultation is highly recommended to analysis your skin, skin routine, diet and lifestyle. Your skin specialist will then discuss various options with you and prescribe a treatment plan to start you on your skin transformation journey.

There are also chemical peels in the Obagi range that are used to complement and indeed accelerate the skin transformational systems.

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