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Skinade is a powerful collagen promoting drink packed full of vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids.

It has been formulated as a drink as that has been proven to absorb 90-95% more rapidly and effectively than in tablet form.

Drink 150mls every morning for at least 30 days to see changes in your skin , hair and nails. The longer you use it the better and longer lasting results.

Treat your skin from within.

A 30 day course costs £110. The packages can come as ready made drinks or in sachets that you can add water too. It's a refreshing peach flavour.


DMK EFAs are derived from genuine fish oils. Therefore more potent than any synthetic fish oil available on the market.

They help not only improve your skin's healthy glow from with in but also help regulate hormones and condition your hair and nails.

Hormonal imbalances and over developed gut bacteria can affect your skin negatively ; pigmentation, acne, rosacea, dull appearance, inflammation and irritated skin.

Treating your skin from the inside out is a life style change that will hugely reward you and give your naturally beautiful glowing skin.

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