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Irritating toothache? Drop in for an Emergency appointment every Tuesday from 9am-3pm

General Dentistry

Initial Consultation ( includes xrays)£75
Hygiene Therapy£65 - 75 per visit
Diamond Polish ( Extra brightness and freshness)£75
Tooth Whitening ( different systems available)£280 - 550
Composite bonding/ veneersfrom £160- 249
Amalgam (silver) fillingsfrom £55
White (Composite) fillingsfrom £65
Root Canal Therapy (price varies depending on complexity)from £260
Extractions (price varies depending on complexity)from £80
Mouthguardsfrom £65
Splint therapy for grindingfrom £99

Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Bondingfrom £160
Tooth Whitening (price depends on the system chosen)from £280
Orthodontic treatment (we use different systems)from £1450
Porcelain veneersfrom £499
Porcelain crowns ( Emax, Zirconia)from £499
Porcelain fused to metal crownsfrom £400
Porcelain bridgesfrom £390 per unit
Re-contouring |re-shaping of teethfrom £30 per tooth

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency fee (includes x-rays)£60
Call out fee ( additional cost)from £90
Extractionfrom £80
Removal of the nerve for pain relieffrom £120

Hygienist Therapy

Direct access : Assessment & hygiene treatment£75
Hygienie therapy£65
Periodontal detox therapyfrom £100

ICON - treatment of white ( flourosis) and brown spots on teeth

Single visit -£180

Relaxing Gas sedation

Relative anaesthesia£65 per visit
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