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Irritating toothache? Drop in for an Emergency appointment every Tuesday from 9am-3pm

Aisling Lalor

Same day appointment available, please contact the surgery before 12 noon.

Fee £50 . This includes assessment & diagnostic x-rays. (The fee applies to patients not already part of the practice.)

Dental Trauma - please contact the surgery immediately.

Out Of Hours

Details of who to contact and how, are available on our answering machine in the case of an emergency.

Dalriada has dedicated dental emergency clinics, the contact number is 02825663510.

Common Dental Emergencies

Swollen face - this can be a sign of infection. Contact the clinic as soon as possible as you will require treatment. If the swelling is affecting your breathing, go to A&E immediately.

Excessive bleeding - due to trauma or following an extraction requires urgent attention.

Broken tooth - contact the surgery to get help and an appointment as soon as possible. If an adult tooth, do not clean the broken piece, place it carefully into a container and cover in order of preference; saliva (spit), milk, water.

Tooth knocked out (Avulsed) - an adult tooth requires immediate attention. Please contact the surgery for help. Do not attempt to clean the tooth. Put the tooth in order of preference for the survival of the tooth; saliva (spit), milk, water, unless instructed otherwise by a dentist.

Crown or bridge has dislodged - carefully wrap the bridge in tissue or place in a container. Do not attempt to replace the bridge using superglue or other similar types of adhesives. Contact the surgery to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

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