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Discover your path to a more youthful, healthier, natural glow with our '3 Phase Interactive' consultations and treatment planner.

How has your skin aged? How can you renew your skin? Our 'Observe 520X' 3D facial scanner can deeply analyse your skin.

Your safety is paramount to us. We are now in our 5th year of RQIA and Save Face accreditation. Assuring you that our team of medically training professionals are invested in your health & safety.

Our continuous professionaltraining and development ensures we offer you the most up to date treatmentsin a safe, clinical and ethical environment.

All the non-surgical cosmetic treatmentsand productswe use are chosen based on their clinical safety, quality control, efficacy, natural results, FDA approval, CE approval and post market surveillance.

You will be supported by the team throughout your treatment journey. 2-3 weeks after clinical treatments we offer review appointments. You will also be able to contact us by phone if you have any questions or concerns.

3 Phase Interactive skin consultation

Why have a consultation?

Initial consultations are vitally important before you embark on any treatment. This is your opportunity to discuss your desired results, discover how you can achieve those results using a bespoke combination of cosmetic treatments and your chance to ask questions, regarding anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, skin tightening, fat loss or spider vein treatments.

What is a '3 phase interactive' consultation?

The 3 phase interactive consultation:

Talk | 3D Photo-Imaging | Skin Reactivity

The appointment is 30 minutes long.

Talk: We begin by asking you to complete a medical questionnaire.

3D Photo-Imaging: We then use our 3D facial analyser, the Observ 520X® to assess deep under your skin and clinically diagnose skin issues. The 3rd interactive assessment is a diagnostic skin peel.

We then discuss your medical history, the Observ 520x photographic results, your daily skin routine, your facial features and/or body issues.

Skin reactivity: We use a mild skin peel called the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance to allow us physically feel the texture of your skin and work with your skin to analyse how reactive it is or where the skin's barrier is predominantly damaged. The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is a controlled medium depth peel. See below for more details.

Treatment planning and costs:

We then discuss the treatments best suited to you, design a bespoke treatment plan and give you a quotation to take home.


Pay as you go, Paypal® pay in 3 instalments or join our VIP Lalor Skin/Body Club.

VIP Skin/Body club:

Choose from 3 levels ranging from £50, £75 or £100 per month and receive promotional offers and discounts.

A deposit of £50 is required to secure your appointment.

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Lalor VIP Club

Your VIP Club.

Pay monthly towards your favourite non-surgical facial and body aesthetic treatments.

There are 3 club levels to choose from.

£50, £75 or £100 per month.

Receive promotional offers and discounts. These are bespoke to you!

The monthly plan can be tailored to your treatment plan and frequency of treatments over a 12 month period.


  1. Pay as you go
  2. Paypal® in 3 instalments
  3. Join your VIP Skin/Body Club.https://www.lalordental.co.uk/...

Obersv 520X 3D Scanner

The Observ 520x® is a revolutionary medical diagnostic machine used by dermatologists and expert clinicians and aestheticians world wide. It has won the Dermascope awards two years in a row!

The Observ 520x® facilitates a more accurate visual evidence of skin conditions at both epidermal and dermal layers, including an analysis of volume loss in the deep facial structures. This assists us in making a more informed andbespokeskin transformation journey for our you.

It has 9 observation modes to view and analyse your skin from the deepest layer. We will discuss your images and explain the significance of each. It allows us to track your skin's transformation journey and compare images from one month to the next.

How does the Observ work?

It works by using LED lights and the skin's floressence. Human skin cells uniquely emit visible light. The Observ 520x® identifies your skin's condition by using these unique colours and patterns that become flourescent when exposed to true light.

The 9 comparison modes:

1: Daylight: your skin under controlled natural daylight

2: Surface Texture: reveals the skin's surface texture

3: Pigmentation: illustrates common skin tone irregularities such as sun damage, pigmentation, melasma and general colour variations.

4: Vascularity: illustrates the small blood vessels in the skin that can lead to redness and facial flushing.

5: Parallel Polarised: this is an enhance view of the skin's surface, fine lines, wrinkles, texture and pores.

6: Cross Polarised: suppresses surface shine for an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammations and pigmentations.

7: True UV: exposes skin abnormalities superficially and in the deeper layers creating distinguishable flourescence patterns.

8: Simulated woods Light: adjusts the spectrum of light to reveal diagnostic dimensions such as skin dehydration and oiliness.

9: 360 Light: illustrates areas of volume on the face, showing results for age management treatments and dermal fillers.

Would you like a 3 Phase Interactive skin assessment?

Obagi Blue Peel radiance (BHA)

The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is a controlled medium depth peel that removes superficial dead skin cells, unclogs blocked pores and reduces redness or inflammation in your skin. it is fabulous for acne prone skin.

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance (BHA)
A medium depth chemical peel using 30% salicyclic acid to remove dead skin cells, unclog blocked pores, reduce inflammation and reveal glowing skin. It can be used on the face and other areas of the body.

The Blue Peel Radiance is a salicyclic acid based peel (>30% concentration). It's a beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) peel. This peeling agent can be applied in several layers to achieve deeper penetration into the skin. However, we use it superficially during your '3 Phase' assessment.

We can assess the thickness of your skin, the size of your pores, remove dead skin cells to give an immediate glow and tightening effect to your skin.

Good quality skin will develop a general pseudo frosting (white layer) over the skin that is removed at the end of the peel. Damaged or poor quality skin will develop blanching in the impaired areas. This gives us a lot of information on where your skin's barrier is damaged and how to effectively treat it.

This helps us develop your journey to healthier looking and functioning skin. Your skin transformation journey will follow 5 phases.

Phase 1: Remove

(Weeks 1-6)- Active products like Vitamin A, exfoliants, Vit C and hydrosinase inhibitors are used to correct the signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation. Old dead skin cells are replaced with new cells.

Expect: mild to moderate itching, dryness and redness. Pigment will appear more evenly distributed.

Phase 2: Restart

(Weeks 7-12) - new skin cells are produced. Pigment cells (melanocytes) are distributing melanin more evenly. Skin is now adjusting to treatment.

Expect: Smoother, softer, clearer skin as keratinization normalises.

Phase 3: Refresh

(Weeks 12-18) - Skin cell turnover is improved and skin transformation is firmly in progress.

Expect: Clearer firmer and more hydrated looking skin.

Phase 4: Restore

(Week 18-24) - Skin is transformed! Continued use of the system in the morning and evening will maintain the results long term.

Expect: Radiant skin that is evenly toned and firm in appearance.

Phase 5: Retain

(24+ weeks) #ObagiSkinforLife

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