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Do you have worn and uneven teeth or gaps between your teeth that you would like to close?

Composite bonding is fast becoming the "go to" treatment to improve the appearance of uneven, discoloured, crooked or worn looking teeth.

Composite is a special tooth coloured resin (plastic)material that is bonded (professionally adhered or glued) to your teeth. It is then shaped, contoured and polished to achieve beautiful results.

The treatmentcan be carried out in one visit. Sometimes more visits are required if your desired smile transformation is more complex. We call this our Signature Composite Makeover. The procedure normally requires no local anaesthetic injections and is painless. We recommend tooth whitening in advance to brighten up your teeth.

Using photographs, 3D study models of your teeth and other measurements we can help plan your desired smile makeover. This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in the process. We can create a mock up of your teeth & let you live with your 'new' smile for a few hours. We can then refine the appearance and make adjustments.

At home, good oral hygiene habits involving brushing & flossing. Some foods can cause the composite to discolour over time, also cigarette smoking will cause them to discolour.

Regular 6 monthly visits with our hygienist to clean your teeth and polish your composite bonding will optimise their lasting appearance.

Your composite bonding is strong but it needs to be protected. We will provide you with a splint to wear at night time to avoid chipping or fracturing of your bonding due to grinding.

Composite bonding can chip or fracture over their lifespan. They can be repaired. A typical lifespan can be 5-7 years, however this can vary from one patient to the next depending on diet, smoking habits, if you grind your teeth or bite your nails.

It is important to be aware that like porcelain veneers and crowns, composite bonding will also require maintenance as explained above.

Key Features:

  1. It's discreet
  2. Painless
  3. No tooth enamel is removed.
  4. They can be removed
  5. Treatment normally takes one visit (1-3 hours)
  6. It's a cost effective smile make over solution.
  7. Cost from £195 per tooth

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