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Aisling Lalor

There are different types of dentures available. A good fitting denture is vitally important for oral health, general health and your own self confidence. There is nothing worse than a loose denture that causes you distress when you are socially interacting.

A denture should be replaced every couple of years. Dentures can be gum supported, tooth supported or implant retained. A dental assessment is required to ascertain which one of these would best suit you.

There are acrylic dentures , chrome cobalt dentures (metal frame) and flexible dentures available. How many teeth and the condition of your mouth will dictate which of these would best suit you.

Once the above has been agreed upon we can then discuss the aesthetics or appearance of your denture, the colour and shape of the teeth and how much tooth you would like to show when you smile.

We then take impressions of your mouth and send them to the dental laboratory to have your bespoke dentures created. several visit are required to complete your dentures and ensure that they are well fitting, functional and please aesthetically.

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