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Aisling Lalor
Aisling Lalor

Hygiene Therapy

Oral hygiene is the corner stone of dental health. Simply brushing your teeth properly every morning and evening can prevent you from developing gum disease.

When plaque and tartar build up on our teeth (see image below), the gums respond and become inflamed and irritated. If this inflammation is not controlled, a lot of damage can be done to your bone and dental ligaments. Bone and dental ligaments are the support your teeth in your gums.

Bleeding gums is the first sign of gum disease. Your dentist can assess your gums and refer you to the hygienist for treatment. The hygienist will clean the plaque and tartar off your teeth and encourage a cleaner environment in your mouth. You will also be given advice and demonstrations on how to best look after your teeth and gums for prolonged dental health.

Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist are hugely beneficial.

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