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This is a revolutionary new technique in hygiene therapy.

It's a very effective painless treatment that cleans and brightens your teeth in a few minutes.

What is it?

Air polishing (Diamond Polishing) uses 3 elements:

Air, Jet water and Sodium bicarbonate.


1/ It's faster & more effective at removing tartar build up than traditional methods.

2/ It's pain free.

3/ It improves tooth brightness and that 'squeaky clean' feeling.

4/ It can reach 5mm into periodontal pockets - in other words it can penetrate moderately deep pockets in your gums to promote healing in gum disease.

5/ The salt particles in the sodium bicarbonate slow down the formation of the sticky white layer called 'plaque' on your teeth to help with reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

6/ The jet water stimulates oxygen bubble formation in your periodontal pockets. This oxygenation of the environment in your gum pockets, aids the breakdown of bacteria and promotes healing.

7/ It can reduce sensitivity in teeth. The sodium bicarbonate particles can fill any exposed root surface (cementum) tubules which then helps remineralisation of your living tooth structure and helps prevent the communication of cold substances between the outside of your teeth and the inner nerve of your tooth.

8/ It's fantastic for anyone who is wearing brackets during orthodontic therapy. Suitable for both young & older!

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