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Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Why do I need a root canal treatment?

When the pulp (nerve) inside your tooth becomes infected due to decay or is traumatised, it may need to be removed. This is called a pulpectomy, the first phase of a root canal therapy.

If the infection is not treated you may develop an abscess that could cause swelling. Sometimes a small bubble can appear above your tooth, like a pimple. This is called a buccal sinus and happens when pus is released from a low grade, long term infection above the affected tooth.

What is involved?

The procedure involves numbing your tooth with local anaesthetic. Once numb, the pulp (nerve) is removed using very fine dental files. The root canal is then cleaned, disinfected and filled with a sealer to create a seal and to prevent bacteria from building up again. The crown of the tooth is then sealed to avoid bacteria from infecting the newly cleaned canal system and also to reinforce the crown of your tooth. Sometimes we advocate crowns on root treated teeth, especially your back molar teeth to provide better support and improved longterm function of your tooth or teeth.

Occasionally, if the canal system in your tooth is complex or you have an existing root canal treatment you may be referred to a specialist endodontist to have the root canal treatment performed.


  1. Pain relief
  2. To help heal the tooth
  3. to gain more retention for a post and crown if the crown of your tooth is badly broken down.
  4. Tooth preservation

Treatment time:

Treatment can be from 60 to 120 minutes.


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