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Composite Fillings

Composite bonding is a fantastic way of replacing old silver amalgam fillings.

Silver to White

What is Composite resin?

Composite resin is a very versatile dental material. It is composed of synthetic resins such as Bis-GMA and other dimethacrylate monomers, a filler like silica and a photoinitiator.

How is it placed into your tooth?

Decay is first removed from your tooth or teeth. Then the enamel and dentine is prepared to facilitate bonding of the composite. This is achieved through a process called etching. Etching creates micro irregularities in the enamel ranging from 5-30 micrometers in depth. This allows a strong micro-mechanical bond using a bonding (glueing) agent between the composite and the tooth enamel. Composites are placed while still soft. A blue light with a wavelength typically of 470nm is focused on the composite to set it.


  1. Appearance. Composites come in a wide range of tooth colours, thus can be closely matched to your tooth colour.
  2. New age composites for front teeth are highly aesthetic with light reflecting particles, translucency to mimic enamel and highly polishable.
  3. They bond to tooth structure, helping strengthen the tooth's structure unless the cavity is too large. Then a porcelain onlay or crown would be the treatment of choice.
  4. Since composite bonds or glues to the tooth, the dentist can remove the decay and preserve as much tooth as possible. The silver amalgam fillings had to have retention features involving the removal of more healthy tooth.
  5. More cost effective than crowns unless the tooth is very badly broken down and a crown is advised.
  6. They have a reduced quantity of mercury. Composites avoid mercury contamination to the environment.

Treatment time:

Treatment time can take from 30 mins t0 60 mins depending on the size of number of composite fillings required. Your dentist will advise you at your consultation.


Composite prices vary from £60 depending on the size of the filling.

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