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Aisling Lalor
Aisling Lalor profile photo | Branded teal uniform | Principal dentist | CEO of Aisling Lalor Dental-Skin

Since my graduation from Trinity College Dublin in 2000, I have gained invaluable experience in many areas of dentistry and facial aesthetics from Dublin, Australia and various parts of Northern Ireland. In 2011, I was awarded a certificate in Advanced Smile Design, followed by certificates in IAS and Quick Straight Teeth to provide adult orthodontic treatments. I'm passionate about realising the potential in everything, especially teeth and skin. I am incredibly privileged to be in a position to give someone confidence by enhancing their smile.

Aisling Lalor Dental-Skin is the result of a vision and 2 years of planning. After many years of working as a dental associate I decided to take the next step! With unrivalled passion for excellence matched with sheer determination, a brain hot-wired for a challenge and a keen eye for detail, I conceptualised the practice from design to the doors opening in November 2018. The building remained vacant for 10 years. It was entirely gutted internally to create a welcoming, eye-catching spacious, high design, custom built, ergonomic space.

I'm always up for a challenge and a good laugh. Earlier in 2019, I survived my very first "open water" triathlon sprint swim, 750 metres in icy cold water to raise money for little 2 year old Tessa who has leukaemia. The team spirit was immeasurable! Running is where I get my "head space" and when ideas evolve! Frequently, I join a group of inspirational runners "The Running Buddies". The craic is great which certainly helps with the distance!

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