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Emma-Louise came to Aisling Lalor Dental-Skin to improve her smile. Emma-Louise's job is public facing, so she wanted a discreet solution to give her confidence to achieve her career goals.

During Emma-Louise's consultation we discussed various options from composite bonding and composite veneers, tooth whitening to short term orthodontics to straighten her teeth. I always like to inform and educate my patients on the treatment options available to them and allow them time to ask questions about the options. Emma-Louise decided to have her teeth aligned with fixed orthodontic brackets and wires, followed by tooth whitening and composite edge bonding.

Her treatment took 5 months to complete. I saw her every 4 weeks during her orthodontic treatment phase to ensure that her treatment was progressing well. When her orthodontic treatment phase was complete she started her tooth whitening treatment.

It was a pleasure to treat Emma-Louise and get to know her over those few months.

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