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Facial spider veins, Skin tags, Warts

Spider veins or thread veins are very fine broken veins that appear like tree branches or spider webs. Facial spider veins are traditionally treated with IPL laser or electrolysis. Thermavein is a safe, fast and effective alternative with minimal downtime and minimal skin damage. The medical term is telangiectasia.

Facial spider veins
Facial Spider Veins

How does it work?

Thermavain delivers a low current of 4Mhz through an insulated probe. The pressure pushes the blood out of the vein and the heat gentle heat generated causes the vein walls to seal. The vein becomes non functional and after 3-10 days the body absorbs it permanently.

The vein will appear purple initially before it fades and then disappears. Sometimes the area can feel slightly itchy the following day.

Thermavein is CE complaint as a medical device and it is supported by clinical trails.

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What causes spider veins?

Trauma, hormonal changes (eg, pregnancy), some medications, some medical conditions ( inflammatory), stress, family history, some skin conditions ( Rosacea) and prolonged pressure on the area can cause spider veins or telangiectasia.

The treatment is permanent, however further damage, hormonal changes or some medical and skin conditions if untreated will cause new broken veins to appear.

A good example is someone who suffers from Hayfever. When they are most affected by the hayfever they are constantly sneezing and wiping or rubbing their nose. The constant rubbing & pressure from sneezing causes the veins to develop. So clients with hayfever may require treatment annually.

Warts and Skin Tags

The 4Mhz current generated by Thermavein can sterilise the virus in a wart or verrucca killing the virus and thus the wart to turn black and fall off after 3- 10 days depending on the size.

Skin tags are removed by using the low 4Mhz current to gently separate the skin tag from the underlying skin. the skin tag slowly dies and falls off after 3-10 days with no scarring underneath. As safer and faster alternative to ILP laser therapy.

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How much does this cost?

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