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Aisling Lalor | dental room 1 | discussing a cosmetic dental treatment plan with a patient

Our solutions!

A warm welcoming environment.

Big friendly smiles.

Time. We like to give you time to tell us why you have a fear or phobia. Together we can develop a bespoke treatment plan with realistic expectations on both sides to achieve the end result.

Emotional support. This is the most underestimated cause of dental fear. Dental treatments can be incredibly emotive; past experiences, personal situations, general anxiety and more.

Gag Reflexes can be another stumbling block for for people. There are many solutions to help you. I have plenty of experience and have succeeded in achieving the unthinkable with some of my clients, from the slightest to the strongest gag reflex.

Pain control, this can be managed with local anaesthetic.

We also offer 'Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas Sedation'. This is available to all our patients. It's a type of relaxing gas with no side effects. It is non-invasive, you simply just breathe through a small mask that covers the nose "only". It gives you a pleasant, positive, relaxed feeling and makes your dental treatment a whole lot easier.

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