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Can mouthwash and toothbrushing reduce Covid-19 transmission?

Written by: Aisling Lalor, Jan 17, 2021

Yes they can!. Recent research has proven them both to be affective.

Mouthwashes containing 'hydrogen peroxide' can help reduce the spread of Covid 19. Hydrogen peroxide is anti-bacterial, it creates an oxygen rich environment in which bacteria find it difficult to survive. This is also the case for viruses.

So we all know that 'handwashing' using detergent based handwashing products is effective against the Coronavirus. Toothbrushing has similar benefits!

Toothpastes contain the same detergent. So brush your teeth twice a day to help reduce the viral transmission.

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Recent research led by Cardiff University found that hydrogen peroxide can potentially destroy the outer layer of the virus lipid membrane. Coronavirus can be spread via droplets from the mouth, saliva and nose.

Hydrogen peroxide creates and oxygen rich environment in which bacteria and viruses struggle to survive. It is also very beneficial for gum disease, as the oxygen rich environment makes it difficult for bacteria to survive. Mouthwashes can be used after meals or during the day. They don't have to be used along with toothbrushing. Therefore you can really improve your oral hygiene and oral health ten fold. Although toothbrushing is still the gold standard!

Only use prescribed or recommended hydrogen peroxide products and dosages. Use as recommended by your dentist or hygienist. Always gargle the recommended amount for at least 1 minute. then spit out and do not rinse.

Peroxyl Mouthwash is an example of a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide.

"Simple changes like toothbrushing twice a day and using hydrogen peroxide containing mouthwash can help protect you and reduce the spread of Covid 19".

Peroxyl mouthwash
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