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Mouth Cancer Awareness

Written by: Aisling Lalor, Jan 17, 2021

November is mouth cancer awareness month. But we shouldn't just focus on one month to be vigilant. We should be checking regularly and learning how to become more mouth-cancer aware. This is the only effective way of making a difference!

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Did you know that 90% of all mouth cancers are related to your lifestyle?

Lets talk about risk factors:

Smoking: Smoking increases your risks by 10 times. 60% of mouth cancer cases are related to smoking. Passive smoking at home or in the workplace also increases an individuals risk.

Alcohol: Excessive alcohol also increases your risk. It's related to 30% of cases. But if you combine smoking and alcohol together just think about how much risk you are opening yourself up to?

Chewing and smokeless tobacco: chewing tobacco involves chewing leaves or plugs placed on the inside of your cheeks. Smokeless tobacco is called Snus, it comes as a moist powder or is packed in small bags and you put it under the inside of your bottom lip. Both are addictive and both release chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic or cause cancer.

Vaping: There is much debate about vaping and whether it is better or worse than smoking. Vaping has many side effects like coughing, dry mouth and throat, shortness of breath and headaches. E- cigarettes cause a number of dangerous chemicals that can cause lung disease and heart disease.

Regularly attend your dentist

Learn how to do "self checks" at home too. Here is a link on how to do a 'self check'.

Making small changes can greatly reduce your chances of developing mouth cancer.

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